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New book by Stapleton author helps parents have "The Talk"

Friday, November 9, 2018 Leave a Comment

October was “Let’s Talk” Month, a national effort encouraging conversations about sex between parents and their kids. While October has come and gone, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a great book on the topic by local Stapleton mom, Alison Macklin.

Alison recently wrote a book called, “Making Sense of ‘It,’ A Guide to Sex for Teens (and Their Parents Too!),” which is designed to help parents have "the talk." We all want to make sure our kids have the information they need to have healthy and safe sex lives, but having conversations about sex isn’t always easy. Alison wrote her book to give both parents and teens an inclusive resource that was free from shame and stigma, and to cut through the noise and offer practical information that is useful for everyone. Sex isn’t shameful, it’s a part of our everyday lives. Her hope is that readers keep that message with them long after reading this book.

Here’s a quick summary:

"Making Sense of 'It'" goes beyond the basics of the birds and the bees to give all teens a realistic, no-holds-barred, nonjudgmental, and inclusive guide on everything to do with sex and sexuality. With this book, teens can learn about it all, from the best contraception methods to what to expect at a clinic and the signs of an unhealthy relationship. Alison Macklin draws on her years of experience at Planned Parenthood to address everything teens want to and should know in a straightforward, open-minded, and sex-positive manner. Even better, "Conversation Starters" in each chapter give teens and parents a chance to test their knowledge and useful tips to help talk about sex in a way that works for them.

Allison's book can be purchased as a paperback or eBook from all your favorite online booksellers.

Praise for "Making Sense of 'It'":

"This book distills so much useful information for young people (and their parents) and delivers it in a supportive, judgment-free tone. The conversation starters will make this a go-to resource for families wanting to take the mystery--and the awkwardness--out of talking about sex." --Nicole Cushman, MPH, Executive Director, Answer

"This book provides excellent information about sexual health and important advice for staying healthy and having good relationships. The overview of sex and sexuality will be extremely useful for teens and parents alike." --Connie Newman, MD, Adjunct Professor of Medicine, New York University School of Medicine, and President 2018-2019 American Medical Women's Association

 "I loved it! Alison Macklin offers teen readers honest, engaging, and at times humorous information about puberty, sex and sexuality. The book is chock-full of useful suggestions for parents as well, providing tips to start conversations with their teens and keep the lines of communication open during the sometimes bumpy road through puberty and adolescence." --Debra Hauser, President of Advocates for Youth