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Steve & Kate's offers flexible summer camp days for your kiddos

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 Leave a Comment

Looking for summer camps for your kiddos? Don't have a consistent schedule? Want your kids to learn to be independent thinkers and make their own (good) decisions? Check out Steve & Kate's Camp!

Steve & Kate’s believes that you need to trust kids with the freedom to make their own choices. Driven by their natural curiosity, children will experiment with their own decision-making and develop the confidence to try, fail, and learn on their own. They offer activities to inspire every child! Designed by learning scientists and tested by kids, their studios offer a chance for campers to dig deep into their passions. Whether they are the next big film director, an up-and-coming fashion designer, or bound to be the best baker around, they have something for everyone.

They also believe that camp should be easy for parents, so make it totally flexible. Parents buy any number of days (including an all-summer membership) and then show up whenever—no need to tell them ahead of time that you’re coming. If you buy more than you need, they’ll automatically refund back unused Day Passes at the end of the summer. And with lunch and snacks provided as a part of the camp fees, you might wish they were around all year!

Open this Summer June 12 - August 11
Grades Pre-K through 7th, with leadership opportunities for 8th & 9th graders
The Logan School for Creative Learning  in Lowry and 40+ locations nationwide

Questions? Call Chas! 720-439-7785 or email denver@steveandkate.com Learn more at www.steveandkate.com