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Birth Center Experience Now Available in a Hospital

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 Leave a Comment

Guest post by Emily Prouse, MD, Metropolitan OB/GYN

There’s a growing trend in Colorado of moms choosing to give birth without medical intervention, but that doesn’t preclude having an obstetric physician in the picture. In fact, expectant moms in Denver now have the best of both worlds:  a way to have a low-intervention birth experience just down the hall from the support of a hospital – just in case.

A low-intervention birth allows labor to begin and progress naturally without medical and technological monitoring and procedures. The birth occurs without medication and often employs midwives or doulas to provide constant personal support to mothers and their families. Often called physiologic birth, this option is usually best suited for moms who have a healthy, low-risk pregnancy.

Stapleton moms who opt for a low-intervention birthing experience can now do so with the safety net of Rose Medical Center, known as Denver’s “baby hospital.” Just this year, the hospital opened the Rose Babies Birth Center, where families experience a calming, home-like environment for their birth experience that minimizes interventions while they are cared for by their trusted OB provider.

What is a birth center?

Birth centers are warm, friendly places dedicated to family-centered care. Usually in a home-like setting (including queen-size beds), birth centers allow an expectant mom to design a very personal labor experience. This can include having family around her, midwives and doulas to attend to her needs, birthing tools, oversized bathtubs, and other comforts.

Often the hospital stay in this kind of facility is shorter than for a traditional birth. If a medical emergency were to arise, however, the mom-to-be would need to be transferred to a hospital. At Rose, that transfer is just down the hall.

The Rose Babies Birth Center is the first and only in-hospital birth center in Colorado where both OBs and midwives can deliver a baby. On its way to receiving accreditation with the American Association of Birth Centers, it features:

  • Private, spacious rooms
  • Queen-size beds for labor, birth, and family bonding
  • Hydrotherapy in oversized bathtubs
  • Holistic pain management and labor support tools
  • HypnoBirthing
  • Apple TVs in every room
  • Rose’s dedicated childbirth navigator to answer questions
  • Lactation support for all moms
  • One-to-one nursing care
  • Plus the benefit of being housed in a hospital–in case of emergency.
Pregnant women should talk to their OB providers about the birth experience that’s right for them. Be sure to have a plan to get medical attention quickly just in case something unexpected happens. Learn more at our website: www.metroobgyn.com.

Emily Prouse, MD, who recently gave birth to her second child, believes women’s health is the foundation of strong, healthy families. Originally from North Carolina, Dr. Prouse attended Duke University and then University of North Carolina School of Medicine, where she was inducted into the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society. She considers it a privilege to work collaboratively with women to make informed, healthy decisions about their care. Outside of the office, Dr. Prouse and her growing family love exploring the wilderness of Colorado, and she enjoys the ski slopes and bike trails. To learn more or to schedule an appointment with Dr. Prouse, visit www.metroobgyn.com