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The Urban Farm at Stapleton Needs Your Help!

Monday, February 13, 2017 Leave a Comment

The Urban Farm at Stapleton recently suffered a great loss to its animal population and to the programs they support. They intend to fill that void with new life and a directed focus on their responsibility to the new animal residents, to those who care for them, and those who learn from them.

They have received an outpouring of support from the community that has heartened them and given them strength during this difficult time. This will greatly help toward covering the cost of a completely new fenced enclosure and will start them down the road to replacing the animals.

With more than 40 volunteers helping, a temporary secure fenced area was constructed for remaining goats and sheep, and they were brought home last weekend. Construction of a new, secure fence and gates will begin shortly.

The goats and sheep will be replaced with particular types of high-quality animals that can help fulfill the Farm's mission in the most effective way—two types of goats—Boer Goats and Nigerian Dwarf Goats to be used in Field Trips, Storybook Farm, Fiber Arts, Animal Husbandry, and 4-H Programs.

Prices vary, but here are some parameters on what it costs to replace our herd:
  • Nigerian Dwarf Goat: $300-$600 each, goal is 5 goats.
  • Boer Goat: $400-$900 each, goal is 4 goats.
  • Shetland Sheep: $600-$1,000 each, goal is 3 sheep.
With a donation of $1,000 or more you get to name one of the new animals!

In addition, a goal is to build a birthing barn to allow animals to give birth in a safe, quiet, heated shelter. This will also allow program participants and visitors a new and unique visitor experience at TUF. The estimated cost of such a facility is in the $30,000 range.

The addition of Livestock Guardian Dogs is also being considered.They stay with the group of animals they protect as a full-time member of the herd. The mere presence of a guardian dog is usually enough to ward off predators. Livestock Guardian Dogs could also be integrated into educational programs to teach how dogs can have a career as working animals.

HOW YOU CAN DONATE. Visit www.TheUrbanFarm.org and click on the Donate Now button. You will be able to specify if you wish to donate to the goat and sheep initiative or make a general contribution. With a donation of $1,000 or more you get to name one of the new animals!

Thank you so much from everyone at the Farm, from the kids and families they work with, and from the animals.

Post courtesy of Nextdoor.com