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Tokyo Joe's Gets Trendy

Friday, March 4, 2016 Leave a Comment

Tokyo Joe's doesn't really try to be trendy. They are just trying to serve healthy food that appeals to a lot of people. But they are currently riding a trend, whether they meant to or not. 
They're now serving two "Poke" bowls, the Hawaiian dish of chopped or cubed raw fish dressed with sweet or savory sauce, which are being called one of the hottest food trends we'll see in 2016, according to Nation's Restaurant News. Tokyo Joe's makes an Ahi Tuna Poke bowl with marinated Sushi grade ahi tuna served over sushi rice with avocado, cucumber, sweet and green onions, sesame seeds, crushed macadamia nuts served with a lemon wedge and the Spicy Salmon Poke bowl with sushi grade salmon and house-made aioli served over sushi rice with avocado, cucumber, sweet and green onion, sesame seeds and a lemon wedge.
Tokyo Joe's
Everyone deserves a good poke now and then, like Tokyo Joe's Poke Bowls. Photo courtesy Tokyo Joe's.
They have also started offering custom bento boxes, with guests picking the individual elements of their compartments to personalize their meal. We've long been a little bit freaky for those shiny trays with their little compartments - perfect for people who don't want their foods touching, and for people who are into organization!
Tokyo Joe's
Tokyo Joe's has a new location in the Shops at Northfield, at 8391 E. Northfield Blvd. It was a hit with the health-minded neighborhood from day one. With vegan and gluten-free options, kids' meals and lots of opportunities to customize your meal, it's no wonder the restaurant has appealed to the neighborhood. 
We had a chance to talk to Tokyo Joe's founder/owner, Larry Leith, about how his restaurants came to be. To learn more, visit the In Good Taste Denver blog at www.InGoodTasteDenver.com.