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Colorado Company Connects Los Angeles to Stapleton for Young Talent

Wednesday, March 9, 2016 Leave a Comment

Does your son and daughter have the acting bug? Do you think your child’s middle name might be “Hollywood” or “Drama”? Most Stapleton parents know where to turn to when their child is ready to play sports at a competitive level, but most parents don’t know where to turn when their child is gifted in voice, acting, modeling, or dancing. Although sports and the arts are different, with either of them you most likely could not wake up at 16 years old and say, “Hey, I want to be a pro athlete/dancer/etc.,” and be successful.

Enter L.A. Connect of Colorado, a local company that connects your kids directly to the Los Angeles TV/film market. They have recently signed several talented children in Stapleton and have a special offer just for Stapleton families (read on).

Owned by Sarah Allman, L.A. Connect has been in the Denver market for more than eight years and offers services to help take a child’s talents in acting, singing, modeling, or dancing to a competitive level outside of the Denver market WITHOUT moving to California.

Their kids have been featured on Nickelodeon, Disney, Lifetime, Blockbuster feature films, and in national commercials. Professional former and current actors serve as the in-house coaching staff to provide top-notch lessons and coaching across the Rocky Mountains.

Recently, L.A. Connect hosted a local acting talent battle, and two local Stapleton kids received awards from Nickelodeon casting director Jamie Snow, as well as coaching from the best youth agents in the industry as part of the event.

L.A. Connect hosts several classes for various skill and age levels each week, and is starting a summer camp for all new clients. Auditions and interviews for potential membership will occur following the camp session.

As a special introductory opportunity only for Stapleton families, Ms. Allman and L.A. Connect would like to offer one free trial class for interested students in the spring of 2016. If interested, please visit www.laconnectonline.com, email laconnectofcolorado@gmail.com or call L.A. Connect directly at 720-278-6694. (Please mention this offer for your redemption.)

We’ll watch for your kids on TV!