Become a Mobile Mommy with JoyBox

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 Leave a Comment

Become a “Mobile Mommy”, help test the latest products from JoyBox Studios and earn a $100 gift card. Mobile Mommies share a love of technology and a desire to provide the very best developmental support for their children ages birth-to-three.

Created by the founders of Baby EinsteinTM and based in nearby Centennial, JoyBox provides one-of-a-kind resources that help parents connect with their babies and toddlers (or “wee ones”) in ways that support healthy and balanced development. Products for wee ones include engaging media (videos, music, books), apps, traditional toys and cool technology specifically crafted for little eyes, ears and hands. Initial testing will be focused on the free JoyBox app that helps parents engage their wee ones in fun new ways.

We think you’ll love it! PLEASE JOIN US! JoyBox is recruiting a group of ten (10) Stapleton mommies who will:
• Directly influence JoyBox’s ongoing and future product development
• Share your opinions through surveys and focus groups
• Try new JoyBox products in your home and give us feedback
• Receive free products and other incentives

• Mom of a child under three years old
• Apple iPad user (version iOS 8.1 and later)

Apple iPhone user (iPhone 4, 5, 6 only)
• Attend kickoff meeting in late-January (orientation)
• Attend follow-up meeting two weeks later (de-briefing)


1. Sign up: Email JoyBox Studios at with confirmation of your desire to participate and include the age of your child under three. We’ll send you an email with confirmation and additional details upon acceptance.

2. Get orientated: Attend the kickoff meeting the week of January 25th in the Stapleton area (location to be confirmed). You’ll be provided with a “beta” (testing) version of the JoyBox app and instructions on how to use it.

3. Provide feedback: Attend the follow-up meeting two weeks later to share your insights and inspiration in an open discussion setting.

Besides the satisfaction from being part of an impactful group that helps create cool resources for early childhood development, participants will receive a $100 gift card (iTunes, Starbucks or Target) for reviewing and commenting on the JoyBox app.

*Please be assured the Mobile Mommy group is used for legitimate research purposes only. To ensure your total privacy, your answers will be grouped together with those of other participants and the information you provide will be used for internal planning purposes only.