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Go See Cinderella!

Monday, February 9, 2015 Leave a Comment

By Courtney Drake-McDonough

There’s a new Cinderella in town who brings a stronger backbone, more “guts” and a determined, social conscience. But don’t worry, she still has those totally awesome shoes! “Cinderella” http://denvercenter.org/shows/specific-series/Get?Id=25f9d777-cdec-68a4-921b-ff0e004d5814 is currently playing at The Buell Theatre at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts through February 15, in time to capture the Valentine’s date contingent. 
Like many stories meant for children, there’s an adult level to “Cinderella” also so that there’s something for everyone’s interests.  The version created for the stage (after being a book and movies) takes the story to another level, incorporating a meatier storyline, more opportunities for Cinderella and the Prince to get to know each other before getting married and social awareness about the haves and have nots in the world. At first, the latter part threw me. I mean, upon falling for the prince at the ball and having the looming strike of midnight upon her, would Cinderella really take her last moments to alert the prince to injustices happening right under his nose? MmmmmaybeI think I’d try to solidify his feelings for me and then secure an opportunity to meet up later, but that’s just me.

The stage version has all the wonderful stuff you’d expect from Cinderella including magical moments (I’m still now sure how those quick changes from frocks to gowns happen!), the awfulness of the step-mother and sweetness of Cinderella and oodles of romance of course. And the music! Oh, the beautiful score by Rogers and Hammerstein take the story to a whole other level of romance and beauty! Some of those songs are going to replace “Let it Go” in your head. You’re welcome. 

The biggest and best messages of this Cinderella are that a pretty face and awesome outfit are nothing if the person in them isn’t goodkind, smart and compassionate. And that being good will always prevail. And that you should follow your heart to the things that really matter. And that it’s important to wear comfortable shoes that are also attractive. Tra-la-la. It’s all good. 

Courtney Drake-McDonough is the editor of the In Good Taste Denver blog, covering news and reviews of theater, restaurants, movies and travel at www.InGoodTasteDenver.com