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Girls Night Out: Chicago now playing at the Buell Theater thru the 23rd

Wednesday, March 19, 2014 Leave a Comment


Need some motivation to go to the gym? Well, the truly amazing and talented bodies on display in the touring company of the fantastic musical Chicago will surely give you that needed push.

If you haven't seen the classic Bob Fosse choreographed musical, full of all manner of wonderfully naughty innuendos, then now is your chance! And if the promise of some seriously hot dancers (both male and female) and infectious songs isn't enough to draw you in, then perhaps the fact that this production has the added bonus of being headlined by John O'Hurley of Seinfeld fame (he played Elaine's colorful boss, J. Peterman) will seal the deal. Get your girls (or husband even!) and head on down. For even more info, and an in-depth review visit: http://ingoodtastedenver.com/?p=7074 (a fellow Stapleton mom's terrific blog).