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SUN Survey: Proposed school zones

Monday, October 7, 2013 Leave a Comment

The SUN Elementary Enrollment Subcommittee is proposing new priority Proximity Zones for Stapleton elementary schools
Did you receive the SUN Survey on Quebec mobility issues, Eastbridge Town Center Development and school boundaries? 

"SUN has organized a community committee to propose changes to the Denver Public Schools Board regarding the elementary school enrollment process in Stapleton. More information about this process can be found here and we will hold another public forum to discuss these proposed changes to the process on October 10 at 6:30pm at the Denver School of Science and Technology. Please be sure to research this issue before completing this survey."

I admit, I have not been a good citizen and kind of ignored this topic because, well, my kids are already in school and I assumed this wouldn't affect me.

Upon closer inspection, it seems like it might be a kinda super important topic.

So I'm doing some homework. 

Here is a look at the way things are currently done, and the proposed changes.

And all the details can be found on the SUN website, including a letter from the Stapleton elementary school principals, and some background history on the wacky no-boundary way Stapleton was set up... from way back to the Green Book.

I'm talking to a few folks to find out what we Stapleton residents should know about this issue, so I'll post some of their responses soon.

Oh, and by the way: SUN must get a 2/3 consensus to make a recommendation. No consensus, no recommendation, no change to the current system. You have 10 days to make a decision.