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Greenways is for Grandparents

Thursday, August 15, 2013 Leave a Comment

Greenways at Stapleton is a new age-qualified (55+) apartment community
currently under construction at the corner of Ulster and MLK - right across from
the Wine Shop.

They just had their Ground Breaking Event on August 15, and here's what the developer says:

"A couple of the reasons we chose Stapleton for this development are; 1.) thetrue sense of community which your group contributes to nicely, and 2.) themulti-generationalal makeup of Stapleton. There is a growing movement (quiteliterally) among those recently admitted to "senior status" - which at 55 isshockingly young and an offensive title to most Baby Boomers - to move closer totheir children and grand children."

Contact Charlie Johnson
WC Johnson, LLCOffice: 720.350.4680