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Sprouts on Colfax: Grand Opening is today

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 Leave a Comment

Finally a natural grocer within a 5 mile radius of Stapleton!

Sprouts Farmers Market has come to the Bluebird District on Colfax and Garfield - and the Grand Opening is today! We checked it out last night at the preview opening - and Stapleton, you're going to love it.

Fresh, seasonal produce.

Lots and lots of organic options at great prices. I mean GREAT prices! I bought apples, cantaloupe, cucumbers, nectarines, red peppers, rhubarb and a mango for less than $15 - and even with my other stuff (including an impulse buy for a $4 energy drink at the checkout line) the bill was $59.87! I can't remember the last time I walked out of King Soopers for under $100.

And tons of meal-to-go options. Sprouts gets it.

Get there early! There will be super specials and giveaways for the first shoppers of the day - and from what we saw last night, you might want to get there right now. The ribbon cutting is at 7:00 and the first 200 shoppers get a grocery bag full of food!