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Road Trips 101: Car Seats

Monday, July 22, 2013 Leave a Comment

We are planning our Road Trip to Yellowstone, and it got me thinking: How safe is our car seat?

I watch my 50-pound 4-year-old slide around on the seats in his booster seat, and think to myself, "This cannot possibly be safe."

Turns out, car seats and booster seats are not as regulated as you would think.

What is tightly regulated are seat belts. And kids are injured in crashes due to improper seat belt fit. You need to ensure a proper seat belt fit.

So what is a good seat belt fit?

Good lap belt fit lies flat on top of the thighs, not on the tummy, and good shoulder belt fit should be tight across the middle of the shoulder, not on the neck or falling off the shoulder

Theoretically, booster seats are supposed to accomplish that. But just watching my boy slip and slide gives me pause.

So how can you ensure the best seat belt fit?

Park Hill Dad and inventor Brian Conaway designed the RideTight - a simple gadget to ensure the right seat belt fit - not only for kids in booster seats, but for big kids and adults too! The seat belts in your car were tested on 5'6" normal weight crash test dummies - so if you fall out of that range, chances are YOUR seat belt might not fit properly! 

  • Order your your RideTight to make sure the kids' seat belts have the proper fit!