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Yoga at Baby Power

Tuesday, June 4, 2013 Leave a Comment

Summer looking long? Try Kid's yoga at Baby Power, taught by Lora! 

KIDS YOGA: 4- 6 years old, 45 minutes *******2:00 PM ON WEDNESDAYS*******
Kids will be engaged in playful, creative, fun, functional movement combined with "within" mind/body work. Each class will follow a format that includes mindful movement, games, breath work and visualization. The class is accessible to all children with an emphasis on holding the yoga poses naturally not "the right way". Benefits of the class include: safe and effective improvement of strength and flexibility, improved coordination and posture, learning to relax, expressing creativity and imagination, increased body awareness, and improved concentration, attention and focus. Lora McKelvey, a certified yoga instructor, previous kindergarten teacher and Stapleton Mom will lead the class with a light hearted and loving approach.

Mommy and Me Yoga:
3-12 months ****1:00 PM WEDNESDAY ******
This 60 minute class will be tailored to meet the needs of the mommies and the moods of the babies. Participants can expect a flexible, friendly class atmosphere and are free to feed and comfort baby whenever needed. For The Mom's we will focus on post-partum recovery and core work as well as breathing techniques for energy and stress relief. Babies will enjoy being included in the yoga flow in arms, in laps and from the mat as well as experience their own movement assisted by Mom and infant massage!

Mommy and Me Yoga:
24-36 months ********9:45 AM THURSDAY*******
This 45 minute class is a great introduction to the practice of yoga for young children. Kiddos will learn the basic and fundamental poses of yoga through stories, songs and games while having fun and engaging with their adult caregiver. Everyone will have fun and benefit from the joyous practice of yoga. Expect to get a little silly, wiggly and playful. We will end with a classic final relaxation for shared bliss!

Yoga 3-4 years old- drop off or mommy and me- ***11:00 AM THURSDAYS*****
Will be decided based on interest of our Stapleton Mommies/Daddies