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How did your first day of summer vacation go?

Thursday, June 6, 2013 Leave a Comment

It's Day 2 of summer vacation.

We stayed home all day yesterday, with the rain and chilly weather. We thought: It will be so great! We'll stay in our PJ's until lunch! Freedom!

We were dressed by 8:00, at the park by 8:15 and eating our second lunch by 11:00.

And the boys were fighting nonstop.

We organized the play area. The boys were bored.

Clearly, we need a better plan for summer.

"Let's go to the museum," I said.


"The Zoo?"




I was getting desperate.

"Outdoor World?"


"The library?"


The library was jam-packed. Other moms, like me, were frazzled and wondering how on earth we were going to make it through an entire summer.

But our kids were picking out books, reading them at the tables, signing up for the summer reading program, seeing familiar faces from school.

Ah, yes. The library. Our Wednesdays are taken care of.

Check out this article from GoNannies.com: How to get things done when you have kids home. They recommend making a weekly plan every Monday. What kind of activities are you scheduling?

How are you spending your summer?