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Celebrate Earth Day- A Green Lighting Option for your Home!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013 Leave a Comment

As an Interior Designer I am always looking for ways to make my projects more environmentally friendly. My client’s may not be asking for a more green option, but I feel it is important that I make educated decisions in my product selections that will benefit my client and the environment. Below is a simple change I have made …
Undercabinet LED Light Stick

LED Under Cabinet Lighting
Of course the biggest benefit of LED lighting is maintenance. The average florescent bulb last 10,000 hours (approximately 416 days of 24 hour use). Compared to an LED with last on average 50,000. That is means you can leave it on for almost 6 years without having to change a light bulb, or 17 years under normal use. I have many clients that always want to know when we specify undercabinet lighting, how long is it going to last and how hard are they to change out.
LED lights are also 30% more energy efficient than standard lighting options. With florescent lighting much of the energy is converted into heat, LED do not create heat…like we need more heat in our kitchens on a hot summer day. LEDs also give off better quality of light compared to traditional florescent. There is also the ability to change out existing florescent tubes with LED light tubes.
LED Ribbon Light
Most of the LED lighting offered today provide options that florescent lighting does not. The ability to dim individually can be useful in task areas, or areas that are not in use. If you are looking for different color options, this can be achieved with LED lighting. LED lighting is also available in flexible ribbon strips, allowing applications that conventional lighting can not address.