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Your everyday typical first grade math homework

Monday, March 11, 2013 Leave a Comment

Remember on the SAT's when you had to solve logic problems?

How about identifying patterns?

What grade level math would you guess this is?


This is what my first grader brought home. 

We're not sure how to teach our first grader these type of math problems. One week ago, he was just introduced to addition and subtraction problems like 17-9. 

I couldn't figure out the pattern problem. 

There are 8 pages of this.

Is this typical first grade math, or is my recollection of elementary school hazy?

Am I crazy, or is THIS crazy? 


  • Ruth said:  

    I'm a MD and my husband is an engineer and we couldn't figure this out... granted we didn't spent a long time looking at it but if this is 1st grade homework then I don't think we should have to...right? My vote is that this is crazy, not you.

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