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Meeting to bring a natural grocer to Stapleton - March 14

Saturday, March 2, 2013 Leave a Comment

Join us in our upcoming meeting to help bring a natural grocer to Stapleton and bring Eastbridge’s Town Center to fruition!

When:  Thurs March 14th 7-8pm
Where: Central Park Rec Center
Interested Stapleton Residents: You J

Our community led group continues to work toward bringing a natural grocer to Stapleton.  We’ve continued to flush out the market to try to find interested grocers. Thank you for your ongoing interest in this!  It’s come to light that the best option at this point seems to be a community owned food co-op and coffeehouse.

More on some basic facts about food co-ops here: 

A food co-op and café, could give us an opportunity to develop Stapleton’s second town center in Eastbridge, to have a natural food store in our neighborhood and to have an amazing gathering place to connect food and community (think great coffee, prepared foods and performance space). It also gives our community a way to generate more revenue for our local resources. It’s wonderful that we have great parks and schools, and having more options for local and diverse spending keeps these growing and strong.

We are holding an interest meeting in which you can hear about a current business plan, potential modifications, research that’s been done and exciting opportunities for us to make this a reality.  Please come and join us. Invite your friends who may be interested as well.

An Evite will follow to allow you to RSVP and add friends/ interested others.  The meeting will be held at Central Park Rec Center in the Thurs March 14th from 7-8 in Multipurpose room B. If you're interested, let us know!

We hope to see you there.

Juli Pearson
Stapleton resident who feels passionate about calling Stapleton home.