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Mom Secrets: the perfect day planner

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 Leave a Comment

You know how most moms keep life organized on their iPhones, plus color coded calendars for each kid by the door, day planners, to-do lists, grocery lists, babysitter phone numbers on scrap of paper... not to mention meal-planning apps?

 Have you ever thought, "There's got to be a better way?"

 We found it: The Positively Balanced Life and Fitness Planner.

 THIS organizer is made for moms - designed by a local mom!

Goals? Built in: daily, weekly, monthly, even the big life changing ones. Monthly budgets. Weekly shopping lists. And the difference between scheduled events and To-Do lists? Huge. And moms, it encourages you to schedule time for YOU. I love how it builds in my workouts for me ;)

 I think I would be seriously lost without it - and we're only 9 days into January! Get one now. Thank me later. Erm, thank Beth, the Evergreen mom who makes them.