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What really happens when kids get the flu. True.

Friday, December 7, 2012 Leave a Comment

1. When the whining stops, you know it's for real the flu.

2. If one kid brings it in the house, the whole family is going down. Don't wait: get Tamiflu right away. Do you want the flu for a couple of days or a week?

3. Tamiflu is not messing around. It kicks the sh*t out of the flu and out of you. One kid turned into a raving mean maniac. The other was up half the night with full on hallucinations. He woke me up, "Mom, there's scary little monsters running up the wall." Turning on lights didn't stop them, TV didn't stop them, praying didn't stop them, morning didn't stop them. The brave little dude was not even scared - he was punching them out and feeding them to the dog. (If your child hallucinates, do NOT give them any more Tamiflu. Discontinue immediately.)

4. If the flu comes to your house, Mom will not sleep for a week.

5. No sleep turns you a little looney.

I'm going to bed now.