My House vs. natural cleaning products

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I don't know about you, but I worry about the chemicals in E-V-E-R-YTHING these days. From the food we eat (don't get me started) to the cleaning products we use. I'm trying to cut back. But which ones are good? Which ones are safe and effective? With my 2 boys, we're putting them to the test.

First up: Spray Sunscreen vs. Norwex

My 3 year old sprayed an entire bottle of Coppertone sunscreen all over the guest bath. Floors, mirror, sink, toilet, doors, stool - all covered in a film of flaky, sticky sunscreen.



My first attempt to clean it was a disaster. I used a spray cleaner with bleach. The chemical reaction turned everything bright crazy neon yellow. It looked so toxic I was convinced it was stripping the finish off the wood floor.

Soap and water washed away the scary yellow, but did nothing to lift the greasy film.

A mom from my son's preschool gave me some Norwex cleaning powder to try.  I'm not even sure what's in Norwex, but it's a system of supercleaning microfiber cloths and non-chemical cleaners from Norway.

So I mixed the Norwex powder with water and voila, it lifted all that scum off the sinks, toilet, floor, mirror and walls. Just like that. Even the mirror!

And I didn't even try the magic microfiber cloth!

Pretty impressed.

Victor: Norwex


Round Two: Sharpie marker vs. Melaleuca

Yes, my 3 year old is a regular on "Sh*t My Kids Ruined."

He drew circles and C's up 3 flights of stairs. With a Sharpie.

Mr. Clean erasers take off some of the ink, but require vigorous scrubbing and take the paint off the walls, too.

I tried Sol-U-Mel® from Melaleuca, made with tea tree oil.

It comes in a concentrated formula. It worked like magic! Soon I was scrubbing off not only the Sharpie, but all the smudgy fingerprints, boot scuffs, scrapes from lacrosse sticks, marks and boogers on my walls. And finding a million other things to use it for.

Victor: Melaleuca Sol-Uu-Mel

Round Three: Sweaty spin clothes vs. Melaleuca laundry detergent

Spin class and hot yoga deserve their own special classification in the laundry department. Not only do they produce some stinky clothes, but the special wicking fabrics created for those endeavors don't hold up well to heavy chemicals. Detergents made for sports clothes? Just mask the odors. 

So we tried Melaleuca's Mela-Power 6x. Made with that magic tea tree oil again. It's so concentrated, you only use an ounce - that's how much your child's cough medicine cup holds. That's hard to get used to, but really - that's all you need.

Did it get out the lingering nauseatingly sweet Febreeze smell from other detergents? Check.
Did it wipe out the sweaty smell? Check.
Is it gentle enough for my $89 Lululemon pants? Time will tell.

Victor: Melaleuca Mela-Power

So how do you get these and other natural products Stapleton Moms recommend?
  • Norwex is sold by distributors, email Anagloria for more info on how to buy it
  • Melaleuca is sold by distributors and it's a buying club model, email Sarah for more info. Some people found it hard to make the monthly minimum because the products last so long! 
  • Method - available at Target (but hit and miss on effectiveness)
  • Seventh Generation - available at Whole Foods
  • Whole Foods brands... but they're pricey. You can join Frontier co-op to get them a lot cheaper! There is a Stapleton group, I'll  put you in touch with them if you want to put in an order!


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    They are great products! Plus I don't have to drag my kids to Target for the monthly stock up on laundry/cleaning/soap/toothpaste - delivered right to my door! AND, I love helping fellow mompreneurs grow their business!

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    I also have kids and is very hard to keep the house clean. At the same time I don't like to use toxic products. Thanks for the tips

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    I love Melaleuca products. I've been a customer for 4 years now and I know that Melaleuca products are NOT sold by distributors...there are no distributors. Anyone selling the products is working outside of Melaleuca's Statement of Policies.

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    Mr Clean Erasers have a known carcinogen in them. Do not buy.

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