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Shout out: National Jewish

Thursday, October 18, 2012 Leave a Comment

Did you know? National Jewish is the #1 respiratory hospital in the country.

And yes, they have specialists who will see your kids - or you - for asthma. And they don't have to be the worst cases. They can be like my kid: a run of the mill, borderline mild case of exercise induced asthma that causes this annoying little constant clearing-the-throat cough.

We spent all morning with a wonderful doctor and intern. I was a little self-conscious about my vague complaint - it's just a cough, could be as simple as a virus. But they treated it as if we were their most important case. Right away they noticed my boy's "allergic shiners" and nose crease, his sensitive skin. The cough, I realized, is just a piece of the puzzle.

Bottom line? We're not treating his asthma as effectively as we could be. If you have the best of the best in your backyard, why wouldn't you use them?