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Curious about the CrossFit hoopla

Monday, September 24, 2012 Leave a Comment

I've been curious about all this hoopla about CrossFit.

All summer, I see the huge group doing lunges and pushups in Central Park.  And there are a couple of moms I see at school with their CrossFit shirts on. They are ripped.

I first experienced a CrossFit workout with Erin at a StrollerStrides class. It was competitive, and hard, and full of burpees and bear walks, and I was out of shape and slow and just plain unable to do them.

But then Bladium invited my boys to their new CrossFit Kids class. (I told my boy he had to make up his missed lacrosse practice, so he thinks it is LacrosseFit). Dozens of kids were there, and their parents were headed to the adult CrossFit class, including some other newbies, so I joined in.

While my kids were easily, breezily doing bear walks across the soccer field, I did an endless set of lunges and squats and burpees (still can't do them!) - all with a 10 pound ball -  and sprints around the building.

I'm in better shape than I was before, thanks to spin classes, but it was still tough - and I'm pleasantly sore two days later. My observations:

1. Ask for help and tips. That's what the instructor is there for.

2. Don't be afraid to modify the moves. If you are like me and literally cannot do a burpee, don't frustrate yourself, just modify it to something you can do. And work up to it.

3. Basically, CrossFit is about mixing it up. No workout is ever the same. The moves aren't hard to do, except when you're doing 100 of them, and they're basic, functional moves: pushing, pulling, running, bending.

4. Don't think about bacon. Even if the Paleo Truck is cooking some up 100 yards away, just waiting for you to finish your workout.

5. Take your kids. They can do anything. They'll inspire you. Make you laugh. And they'll agree with you: LacrosseFit is hard.