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What to do if your patio furniture is stolen

Monday, August 13, 2012 Leave a Comment

We woke up to find our patio table and chairs gone from our front porch.

Some neighbors had their patio furniture stolen a few weeks ago, too.

It's only patio furniture, and yes, we do keep our porch lights blazing, and yes, we even have a dog who barks at the milkman and newspaper delivery man. And yes, we do live in the city, and incidentally across the street from the new apartments being built. When friends or family say, "Are you worried about crime going up, next to all those apartments?" we always said no.


So I called the police non-emergency number, which is: (720) 913-2000.

They told me to fill out a crimp report online, which you can do here.

Then I found this handy map with all the crime in my neighborhood. Which tells me that not enough of us are reporting crimes - like car windows that were bashed in on my block, or the neighbor's stolen patio furniture, or the hundreds of dollars of stolen copper wiring from the construction site. Report it, guys, no matter how small.

Police operate on statistics. If they see multiple burglaries happening in a small area, they are going to step up their patrols. If they step up their patrols, crime will go down. It's really quite simple.


  • Unknown said:  

    The link above for the crime report didn't work for me. So I called and got the full web address. Here it is in case you have the same trouble I did: www.denvergov.org/police (on the right hand side there's a report crime icon, make sure to print a copy of you report before hitting send).
    That same night the patio furniture was stolen, my car, which I accidentally left unlocked overnight, was touched and some things were taken from inside. I also live at Geneva Ct but at the corner with 26th.

  • Anonymous said:  

    If you are referring to "those apartments being built" as the Mercy Housing Bluff Lake Apts, that's very rude of you. Just because the resident's are low income, it's wrong to imply they are criminals.

  • Unknown said:  

    The apartments being built are The Botanica Apartments. Mercy Housing is already built. I am not implying the residents are criminals.