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Tips to get rid of that stinky washer smell

Thursday, August 23, 2012 Leave a Comment

Front loading washers are the greatest thing ever-until you get that stinky, moldy washer smell. Once its there, its hard to get rid of!

Here's some tips from Stapleton moms:

1. Leave the door open between washes
2. Pull back the rubber linings and clean them with vinegar and water. Or bleach. You might have to replace that piece.
3. Run the washer on the sanitizing or deep clean cycle. You can find cleaning Discs at the grocery store from Tide or Power Puck Or Affresh - run that cycle once a month.
4. Front loaders have a catch filter under the machine, accessible by a panel. You might find wet baby socks, money, lint in there causing the smell.
5. Make sure you're using HE detergent. The front loaders use less water, so regular detergents will leave a residue behind.