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Tips for school supply shopping

Saturday, August 11, 2012 Leave a Comment

With two kids going to school this year, I opted to do the school supply shopping on my own. I thought, "Oh, it'll be fun! " 

And in the back of my mind I thought: surely I can do it cheaper than the $75 kits through the school.

$143* later, here are my words of advice:

1. What kit, you ask? EduKit provides a brilliant service: you buy your school supplies and they deliver them to the school for you.

2. You can find your supply list simply by googling it. Target has the generic DPS list in the School Supply aisle, but of course Stapleton schools have custom lists.

3. That coupon book from Target that's been cluttering up your counter? Don't sweat it. You can get the Target App for  your iPhone to get coupons right to your phone and redeem them at the register right from your screen! No scissors required! (Coupons require planning, I find... should I buy three 8-packs and save 50 cents off $3.00, or just buy the 24 pack that's on sale for 50 cents?)

4. Speaking of brain damage: those super specific, brand name items on your list? Yeah, those are the EduKit lists. Believe me, if you get the 24 pack of Crayola Crayons instead of the same-priced 8 pack, or the Target brand of "Heavy Duty ORANGE Poly Portfolio w/o Brad, 2 Horizontal Pockets" in PURPLE (because they don't have ORANGE), it is not the end of the world. You will not be labeled as That Mom Who Couldn't Follow Directions.

5. If you are labeled That Mom Who Couldn't Follow Directions, imagine what I'll be labeled.

6. Even with my method of "If You Can't Find It, Pick Something Reasonably Close," I still have items I'm scratching my head over, like Elmer’s Tack Tabs Removable Putty.

7. *My boy was excited to pick out his own supplies, but halfway through the list, he was over it, and I somehow ended up spending $20 extra on toys.

8. Now I have to worry about getting it all to school, while EduKit would have delivered right to the classroom.

Conclusion? I did save money*, but made up for it with $20 in toys, and we had fun for at least 15 minutes. Next year I'll probably take the easy route and order the EduKit.


  • Unknown said:  

    And does anybody else wonder what happens to all the supplies at the end of the year? Things like scissors and rulers and 2x5x8 supply boxes? My kid brought nothing home.