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Deal Alert: Get your carpets cleaned half off

Sunday, August 5, 2012 Leave a Comment

If you've got kids, you know that you need to get your carpets cleaned every year. If you've got dogs, maybe more often. And did you know your carpet warranty could be void if you don't deep steam clean? Jake's Carpet Cleaning & Restoration has a special offer from Plum District:

Check this off your To-Do list with this deal on a 3-room carpet cleaning from locally owned Jake's Carpet Cleaning - half off!


  • Kimiko said:  

    Do you have any personal experience with this company? We need to get our carpets cleaned & I have no idea who I should hire. I know sometimes good deals aren't so good. Thoughts?

  • Unknown said:  

    Hi Kimiko, Yes, I know Jake's Carpet Cleaning! Their reputation is great - and this is a good deal.

    I promote offers from businesses I know and trust. It's one thing that sets Plum District apart from other deal sites. The offers come from moms (like me) for businesses that we frequent and would recommend to others.

  • Kimiko said:  

    Great, thanks! I think we're going to go for it.

  • Unknown said:  

    Go for it! They also do duct cleaning. Our allergies suddenly kicked up! And upholstery cleaning. We're getting our couches cleaned!

  • Nancy @ Carpet Cleaning said:  

    This is the kind of business relations and promotion that need to be exercised everywhere. Reputable companies that can recommend each other and speak directly with the community. Great stuff guys!

  • Kimiko said:  

    Just thought I'd let you know, we ended up waiting a while but finally got our carpets cleaned by Jake's & they did an excellent job! Very happy with their service & expertise. Thanks again for the recommendation!