Action: Write a letter in support of the proposed high school

Thursday, August 16, 2012 Leave a Comment


I am writing to express my strong support to put the Stapleton High School on the bond this fall. 

We have great hopes that our kids will be able to continue the excellent public school education they are receiving through high school. The time is now to plan for Stapleton's high school. Here are a few reasons why:

1. There is a huge population bubble of kids just entering the Stapleton elementary schools. My son, is one of the 325 kindergartners in 13 area kindergarten classes in 2011. 

2. This population bubble will continue for at least five years, swelling through each grade level, and includes my other son, whose kindergarten class in 2014 will be even bigger than Jack's was.

3. George Washington High School is 6.2 miles from Stapleton, and will be absorbing Lowry high schoolers too. Will they be able to accommodate Stapleton students at the rate of 300+ per year?

4. By 2015, 160 middle school students from McAuliffe International Middle School will be looking to continue their International Baccalaureate education. My sons will learn the IB curriculum at Swigert Elementary School. Will George Washington's IB Program be able to accept those kids?

5. East High School is already on a wait list and cannot accommodate Stapleton kids now.

Thanks for your consideration.


  • Steph said:  

    Liz, thank you for the email addresses. My husband and I just sent our emails in support of the bond issue this fall. Our children are years from schooling, but the issue is so important for our community.