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Didja hear? Stapleton Eastbridge development updates

Wednesday, June 20, 2012 Leave a Comment

The folks at Stapleton Denver had a lunch to update us on Forest City's development plans - including the new Bluff Lake neighborhood.

I have to say, I love these informal lunches - I love to hear what's going on, and yes, I love the gossip. And I buy into the Stapleton promise every time: front porches, parks, walkable community...

 If you haven't been out to east Eastbridge lately, take a drive out here and take a look - the fences and earth movers are gone, the streets are laid out, and KB has broken ground on the first homes in the Bluff Lake neighborhood.

Here's the latest news:

 1. Mercy Housing and the Bluff Lake Apartments hosted a Grand Opening yesterday and the first families moved in! 100 families will soon reside there.

 2. The Botanica Apartments in Eastbridge will be ready to rent this fall. 200 units are available there. (The Astor Apartments, on that funny strip of land on MLK by the United building, is 80% filled!)

 3. Bluff Lake neighborhood will feature homes from KB, Wonderland, David Weekely, New Town, Parkwood, Standard Pacific, and Infinity's Lime collection. It will feature 4 really cool parks themed around sight, smell, hearing and touch. Can't wait for the edible park! Cherry pies... herbs... berries...  and yes, it is in the city of Denver (you know people wonder about that!) 300 homes will be there.

**CORRECTION**  the first phase of the Bluff Lake Neighborhood will have about 120 homes and the second phase will have just more than 150 … Botanica Eastbridge Apartments will also have 118 units.

4. With the 500 existing homes in Eastbridge, plus the 600 homes coming, I figure that's about 3,000 people living here... with what is perceived as questionable infrastructure.

5. By infrastructure, I mean schools, shopping, decent roads, transportation.

6. Will there be a grocery store? No, not now. When? Don't know. The grocery store anchor for the Eastbridge Town Center will not even begin discussions until all of this Eastbridge development is complete.

7. Will there be a school in the original Eastbridge site? No. The community decided they did not want to wait for the remediation work to be finished, so the Swigert site was selected in Central Park West... blah blah blah...

8. Will Havana or Moline be improved? No update.

9. Will RTD put stops out here? Huh? No. (Hey, B-Cycles, a perfect spot awaits!!)

OK, that takes care of Eastbridge updates. Did I mention the parks in Bluff Lake will be awesome?

In other news, Northfield Stapleton is psyched about the Central Park Bridge - now open and it goes both ways and makes it so easy to get to Northfield now!

In fact, they're holding a big celebration July 14th. Stay tuned for details. Ling & Louie's told me they're seeing LOTS more Stapleton customers!

Stapleton's next phase will cross I-70 and will likely happen soon.

So what do you think?

Best ways to keep up on the scoop?


  • Sara said:  

    Thanks so much for this update!

    In regards to the RTD stop, I think it's RIDICULOUS to not have a stop where there is housing for families transitioning out of homelessness. My guess is that a lot of them don't have cars. How are these families supposed to get around?

    Can you clarify about the Eastbridge grocer - who exactly won't begin discussions, the grocer or Forest City? Either way, it's upsetting. If it's Forest City, this the first time I've heard this newest excuse because in the past the line has been, "the economy stinks." (And then grocers continue to build other new stores just outside of Stapleton.) And now it's that they want to finish the rest of the Eastbridge development first? Well, I guess that gives them two or three years to think up the next excuse.

  • Maria Lucas said:  

    I love how positive you stay in your posts. But, this is so totally disappointing. They need to build another pool in Bluff Lake, keep the land set aside for a school and BUILD THE DARN grocery store. Forest City, LOWER YOUR RATES and make this the walkable community you sell it as. I've been here 5 years and STILL NO GROCERY STORE!?!?! Just keep packing 'em in with no infrastructure - ugh!

  • digitize said:  

    I hear ya about the grocery store. I am more worried that forest city is going to get greedy and decide to build more high density homes in that space. I really believe we could attract some small stores to that site. The traffic flow makes it so easy to stop and get a quick coffee, etc. Do we need a full blown king soopers - no, don't think it would fit. But, it would be nice if forest city would build a space for some small stores. I know multiple people (including Golden Spoon yogurt) that would put store fronts in if the rents were reasonable. Come on Forest City - let's not make EVERYTHING about money@!!!@!@@

  • Anonymous said:  

    No public transportation for low-income/transition housing? It doesn't seem like a bus stop near the empty lot that is the eastbridge town center would be difficult to put in. And what has to happen for a small grocery store to finally go in?

  • Unknown said:  

    My email is blowing up with residents frustrated with the Town Center situation. I'm gathering some questions for Stapleton Denver to pass along for us.

  • Unknown said:  

    From my inbox: "It's been 5 years with promises of the town center and still nothing in sight. The reason the majority of people purchased here was with the promise from the builders of a new town center you can walk to for dinner or groceries and a new school. As you're aware, the school was moved which also meant most of the new development went that same direction. Knowing Forest City needs to make their obligation to the city around affordable housing and apartments, I just find it interesting all those seem to end up on this end of the development and not over by the new school. I have a friend that just purchased a new house in the Lake Bluff development and his builder indicated the town center, being anchored by a grocery store, was expected to be developed soon. This is the same Iine I was sold 5 years ago. I pay some of this highest taxes in the state with little to show from what was promised !!! "

  • Anonymous said:  

    FC is actively marketing the parcel at 25th and Peoria (and the future MLK extension) as "Ideal for grocery store".


    This make sense for FC because a grocery would enhance the residential they want to develop at Fitz. If you're a grocer, the MLK and Peoria intersection is way more desireable in terms of traffic volumes than the backwater that is Havana St.

    In light of this, FC owes an explanation as to what they're really thinking in terms of viability of East Bridge. They surely don't believe two grocery stores in east Stapleton can be supported.

    Bluff Lake may get its grocery store -- it just won't be at East Bridge.

  • Unknown said:  

    Thank you all for the comments!

    And thank you, Anonymous, for pointing me to the MLK/Peoria business parcel - with the grocery store. Now it all makes sense.

  • Anonymous said:  

    I think the only way to get FC to hear (and respond) to our concerns is to generate and use leverage. Otherwise it is going to be this continual venting of concerns, and the political campaign type responses from FC (see latest Front Porch). We have to demonstrate that EB residents have some power here. FC caved on the schools b/c it would impact the future bottom line... IMO, we must do the same.

    As a *extremely* frustrated EB resident, I believe the only way to get FC leverage is to demonstrate we could impact Bluff Lake sales. This would be through demonstrations, signage, and a clear EB community organization (maybe you can facilitate this Liz?).

    People would think twice about buying in Bluff Lake if there were demonstrations and signage that detailed how FC neglected East Bridge... and will move away from Bluff Lake as soon as all homes are sold.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • smcg21 said:  

    I wholeheartedly agree with comments about bus service. Is FC so out of touch with low income people? And how anout the rest of us who actually buy in to the green marketing, walkability, etc? Any thoughts on how to influence this? I have tried talking to Angie Malpiede about this a few times, and all I get are content-free defensive responses.