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Organize Your Kitchen With These 5 Innovative Ideas

Friday, June 15, 2012 Leave a Comment

Kitchen organization does not have to be boring; it can be innovative, creative, and lots of fun. These five unique ideas go far beyond ordinary kitchen organization to offer creative solutions to common kitchen problems.

A Refrigerator can double as a chalkboard
Chalkboard panels take refrigerator messages to a whole new level. Covering your refrigerator doors with chalkboard adds great design and great functionality. You can scribble your latest grocery list, leave yourself reminders, and encourage your children to draw, all without generating a lot of unattractive paper clutter.

kitchen organization
The coolest message board in the house (pun intended). Photo: House Beautiful

Add basket drawers for bread and produce
All too often, we settle for piling fruit and bread into baskets on our countertops. Though this certainly works for storage purposes, it can leave your counters feeling cluttered and can limit your kitchen workspace.
The solution? Basket drawers. Replacing a few of your regular draws with pullout baskets can reinvigorate your kitchen design and give you a handy place to store fruit and produce.

kitchen organization
Photo: House Beautiful

Magnetic Spice Racks
Wall-mounted magnetic spice racks keep all of your spices within easy reach. The process is pretty simple, and can even be entirely DIY. For maximum organization, use clear or clearly labeled jars. Magnetic spice racks can be unique design elements in your kitchen, or they can be more discretely set up a pantry or kitchen cabinet.

kitchen organization
Photo: thekitchn.com

 Use hooks to keep mugs easily accessible
Grouping three or four hooks near your coffee maker or refrigerator is a great way to keep mugs on hand and ready to go, and it also looks pretty cute. You could group glasses by color, or you could go for a more eclectic look and use a variety of mugs.

kitchen organization

Use desk file holders to organize cookie sheets and pans
Desk organizers don’t have to be stuck in the office. Filing stands can find a whole new purpose in the kitchen, separating cookie sheets and pans into easily accessible rows.
This simple switch cuts down on cabinet clutter and keeps your pans from getting beat up.

kitchen organization
Photo: RealSimple

Happy Designing!

Kama Weinberger, ASID, IIDA, CIDC
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    You just solved my cutting board problem! And pan lids too!!! Awesome post!