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Kid #2 needs fun days, too

Monday, June 18, 2012 Leave a Comment

What better way to spend a 97 degree day than exploring the Museum of Nature & Science with my 3 year old, while big brother was in the "Dinosaurs Rule" camp!
 We slithered like snakes. We went backwards through the dinosaurs to see the "big bad wolf" (aka the Nebraska pig). We sat in the Apache Indian hut. We explored the magical golden caves (aka the gems). We made gauzy scarves float in The Discovery Zone, we played African drums, we saw a pencil get shot into a piece of plywood and explode. It was delightful.

 It seems like Kid #1 got all the cool mom stuff: music classes, trips to museums, the zoo, the Lego store, story time at the library. Then life got busy, and Kid #2 just gets dragged to the grocery store. 

Well, today was a good reminder of how magical the world can be to a 3 year old and why mom should take a break from all the busy stuff every once in a while. The house will still be messy when you get home.