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A grocery store at MLK & Peoria? Gas stations at the Eastbridge Town Center?

Monday, June 25, 2012 Leave a Comment

Didja hear? A grocery store is being marketed at MLK and Peoria.

Didja hear? the Eastbridge Town Center is being marketed as "Automotive/Retail/Mixed Use" - what does that mean?

UPDATE: Forest City's official response:

“The Forest City Stapleton, Inc.  website ( http://www.stapletondenver.com/business-ready/available-land/eastbridge-town-center) contained an error on its commercial “Business Ready” page that indicated “automotive uses” were included on the list of suggested uses for Main Street of the Eastbridge Town Center. Forest City is not advocating those uses and has removed the reference from the map for the Town Center.   The Eastbridge Town Center property is not being rezoned.”

Thomas J. Gleason
Vice President-Public Relations
Forest City Stapleton, Inc.
7351 E. 29th Avenue
Denver, CO 80238
(303)382-1800  Ext 72720


  • Anonymous said:  

    I don't get it. WHY?
    Is FC trying to get out of the King Soopers commitment?

  • Elizabeth said:  

    This makes me soooo angry. You JUST had lunch with them and were asking about the Eastbridge Town Center and they failed to mention this new strategy?? Why not be transparent and let people make informed decisions about where they want to move/build their homes? Instead, we're all being lied to and "spun" to and that creates all kinds of animosity. I hope Forest City reps read this blog and these comments and truly understand how many families they've ticked off. It's not the last they've heard of these residents. I look forward to my future Eastbridge Town Center which will likely break ground in 2027 and feature a doggie day care, a check cashing store and a Blockbuster Video. Sounds like a sustainable urban paradise!

  • Unknown said:  

    With all of the driving that I have to do in my sustainable, walkable community, who doesn't need a place where they can get their oil changed and tires rotated?

    Seriously, I hope this sparks outrage in Eastbridge. Complacency will not get this changed.

  • Maria Lucas said:  

    Stop lying Forest City. Lower your rent and book a grocery store WITHOUT a gas station (look at how great that station is doing at King Soopers?! - I fear for my life there).

    Walkability? What happened to that?

    It's time for outrage and real promises from Forest City.

  • Slapped by the fine print. said:  

    I wish I had a picture of the sign they had out there when invested in Stapleton and bought a home way the hell out there in East Bridge -- > "Coming in 2007"

    Back then, a nice town center and the Grocery Store were two different separate deals not dependent on one another -- it was marketed as being very much like the 29th St. Town Center.

  • shanleedavis said:  

    The lack of follow through with the Eastbridge plans is really disappointing. Everything from the town center to the 26th street park to the elementary school - all of it is put on the back burner although all the houses are continuing to be built. I do not understand how funding wasn't already secured or planned for...clearly enough houses are being built/purchased that it is not an issue of not enough taxes coming in. The neighborhood continues to grow and all of us are counting on the infrastructure developing as well. MLK and Peoria? Is that even considered Stapleton or is that Aurora? Maybe we'll get a coffee shop (preferably with a drive through) at the Eastbridge Town Center...one can dream right?

  • Unknown said:  

    So now Forest City is proposing both the Eastbridge site, and the MLK/Peoria site as options for a grocery store? Any developer with half a brain can figure out that a site at MLK and Peoria will have more traffic than the current Eastbridge site. A grocer would be nuts not to take the Peoria site. That will leave Eastbridge high and dry. Hello Kwik-e Mart.

    I guess I was expecting Forest City to be a little more creative in attracting a grocer to the Eastbridge site. Instead, they've shifted to baiting the next set of prospective home buyers with promises of "future grocery store".

    It was pretty apparent to me that FC was bailing on us when I picked up a copy of the Colorado Real Estate Journal a few months ago and saw a full size ad for Stapleton development opportunities. In the ad was a full map of Stapleton. The development opportunities noted? 29th Avenue Town Center (makes sense) and... the Central Park Transit Oriented Development. It would not have cost them a cent more to highlight Eastbridge Town Center on the map, but they didn't show a thing.

    As Stapleton expands and my walkability score for our house hovers around 12 ("car dependent"), I'm convinced that the advertising Forest City is engaging in is absolutely greenwashing.

  • Unknown said:  

    Pete, in our first meeting with the Forest City marketing team, we joked that they had done their job too well - people bought it hook line & sinker (we did!). I would call it greenwashing too. (Future blog post!)

    Shannon, the Aurora line is south of 26th Avenue. As I noted before, these new houses add 3000-4000 more people to Eastbridge... with very little infrastructure.

    Slapped by the Fine Print, I recall being told the site was too small for a King Soopers or Whole Foods - I had visions of Spinelli's or Marczyck's...

  • shanleedavis said:  

    So this won't help with Eastbridge but maybe we could get a whole foods in Northfield? It doesn't aid in walkability but it would be great if I didn't have to drive to Cherry Creek every week would be great.


    Select the "request a new store location" option and type in our zip code!