Help! What is in my garden?

Sunday, June 3, 2012 Leave a Comment

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Ewwww. Can someone tell me what these nasty gray bugs infesting my kale are, and more importantly, how do I get rid of them?


  • Valarie said:  

    aphids. get ladybugs (which you generally can buy by the canister at gardening stores).

  • Unknown said:  

    That's so funny - my 6 year old saw them and said, we need ladybugs. How did he know?! Thank you!!!

    I also hear marigolds are a natural bug defense...?

  • Karen said:  

    I am guessing he knows the same way Cooper knows, Mrs. Hackett. Coop is obsessed with aphids right now. :-)

    And yes Marigolds help with bugs too. But ladybugs are the best for aphids.

  • Unknown said:  

    Aha! Another reason to love Mrs. Hackett (our kindergarten teacher)