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Deal Alert: Unlimited TaeKwonDoe classes for the summer $199

Friday, June 1, 2012 Leave a Comment

Envision Martial Arts in Stapleton is on a mission to improve the self-esteem and confidence of kids!

It's no secret that martial arts training helps improve those things, and Envision Martial Arts is offering Stapleton residents the entire summer - unlimited classes - for just $199!

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Envision Martial Arts in Stapleton has set a goal to reach and improve the Self Esteem of as many kids in the Stapleton community this summer as possible. Through research, we have learned that one of the main causes for bad choices in teenagers today is low Self-Esteem. Our mission is to teach children and give them the Self-Esteem and Confidence to set and reach any goal they have before them in life!

In conjunction with the American Taekwondo Association, the world's largest martial arts school system, our program was created by child behavior experts with countless years of experience. Over the last 40 years our system has developed into one of the largest and most successful child behavior improvement systems, reaching millions of children in 13 different countries. Our system has been in the Denver area for more than 30 years and we are extremely excited to reach out and expand into the Stapleton Community. We offer the families of Stapleton a place their children can come and build Confidence, Self Esteem, Focus, Respect for others around them, and the ability to Persevere when things get hard. Our program also offers classes for adults. In our adult classes, we offer a fun way for adults to get into shape, learn self defense, meet new people in the community, and build flexibility. 

We try to keep our program as affordable as possible while still offering the highest quality Martial Arts program on the market. Most quality Martial Arts programs will run you close to $200 or more per month. We like to keep our program about the community and the families in the community. That is why we are offering the entire 3 months of  summer with unlimited classes for $199.00 or 2 months of the summer for $149. 

To get yourself or your child enrolled today, please contact Micah at 303-928-0043 or send me an email at Micah@EnvisionMartialArts.com. For more immediate information please visit our website www.EnvisionMartialArts.com. We look forward to working with you and your family soon!