A few of my favorite things... for Mother's Day

Wednesday, May 9, 2012 Leave a Comment

Mother's Day is just around the corner! So what does Mom really want? Between the massage and bike ride, I'd say the real answer is: an hour just to myself. And not worrying that the house is being destroyed in my absence! 

For other gift ideas, here are a few of my favorite things.

This necklace from anne franklin designs makes me happy every time I wear it. They're handmade, collage style artwork. Look for her fun jewelry at Naturally Loved in the Stapleton Town Center, or online!

Down East Basics is a cross between Anthropologie and Forever 17. It's a store that just opened in Southwest Plaza Mall in Littleton - or shop online. Fun dresses, fun skirts, fun blog - and tres affordable! Little girl clothes too!

Source: cycleton.com via Liz on Pinterest

Back to biking. I had a bike fitting with Ronie at Cycleton and it was amazing! She took every imaginable measurement of my body - angles, flexibility, natural curve of the back - and then fit my bike to fit me. It is a HUGE difference. She recommended new parts  that make a world of difference (like replacing scary clip-ons with some double-duty pedals, so I can have the option to clip in - or not; or the new, narrower, cushioned handlebars that somehow make it easier to steer). I love my bike again!

Source: lucy.com via Liz on Pinterest

And a just-right pair of biking shorts. Thank you, Lucy.

And that massage at Blue Creek.

Last but definitely not least, Amore Fiori provided flowers for each kid in Stapleton All Sports to give their moms after practice. Thanks, guys! My boy was so happy to give it to me!