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Sipping 'n Painting : a mother-son night out

Sunday, April 22, 2012 Leave a Comment

For Mother's Day, I'm all about activities this year. Getting out of our daily routine (anyone else feel like it's Groundhog Day?),  doing something special, making some memories.

My boy got me to do something on my bucket list: take a painting class.

Actually, I did it with a girlfriend at Paint by Wine in Stapleton last year. Well, my boy looked at that painting of aspens and announced he wanted to paint one, too.

So I called around and we went to Sipping 'n Painting on 15th and Boulder -- and it was a blast. Sunday nights are the kid-friendly nights, although the space is big enough and full of so many fun groups, probably any night would be fine.

I had no idea if he'd be able to sit through two hours, but the owners assured me they take extra measures with kids. (Five is the youngest they'll take, and kids must be with an adult.) They'll even give the kids extra canvases, since they tend to paint fast and they want them to keep going.

My favorite part was when the instructor told us not to worry too much about technique - everybody has their own unique style.

My boy told me his style was like this - to paint side-to-side.


Did I mention we had a blast? He got a Sprite and some M&M's. Yes, I got a glass of wine.


We were so happy with the finished results, we hung them side by side in our house!

Go: Sipping 'N Painting,
Just check out their calendar, pick out the painting you like, and reserve your spot.