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Sh*t my kid ruined this week

Friday, April 6, 2012 Leave a Comment

Since my boy turned 3, he has turned into a complete hell-raising, destructing menace to our house. In the past week, he:

  • Somehow loosened the front door handle so it jams
  • Pulled out the kitchen drawer so hard it broke
  • Dug up the DirecTV cord - that took us half a day to figure out what was wrong with our TV
  • Threw two coffee cups smashing onto the back patio - just to see what would happen
  • Plugged the toilet with half a box of tissue
  • And the topper: he shut the garage door onto the open hatchback of our car when I was bringing in groceries - the door jammed on the car, and the garage door buckled - $800 to replace the garage door


  • Unknown said:  

    And just to finish the week in style, he threw up all the Easter candy in the car on the way home last night.