Get out your Lemonade Stands for Lemonade Day, June 3

Friday, April 27, 2012 Leave a Comment

What is Lemonade Day?
Lemonade Day is a FREE, community-wide, educational initiative
designed to teach children how to start, operate and own their own 
business – a lemonade stand.

When is Lemonade Day?
Lemonade Day will be on June 3, 2012

Who can participate?
Youth of all ages, from pre-K through high school, can register for
an official Lemonade Day stand. Adults are needed to participate
as mentors and volunteers. In addition, community support
from schools, churches, businesses, and youth organizations is
essential to the success of Lemonade Day.

How does it work?
Each child that registers for Lemonade Day receives a bright,
yellow backpack with informational workbooks. One for the child,
and another for a responsible adult. The workbooks outline the
steps needed to start a business, from setting a goal, creating
a business plan, forming a budget and finding an investor, to
saving money and donating a portion back to their community.

How do we get started?
Registration will be available starting May 1  at King Soopers /Dependable Cleaners & Young Americans Bank.  If you register online, you need to take your form into one of the pickup locations and get your backpack!  These contain workbooks for both child and caring adult that take them through the "business planning" process for their stand. 

Your child can then have a stand anywhere they want - your front yard, the park...

Want to be a volunteer?

Email Briar Sangiuliano and get backpacks for your class, school, church group, sports team, Brownie troop...