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DSST student's senior project a photo journey to Afghanistan on May 2

Monday, April 23, 2012 Leave a Comment

Modather Ludin is a high school senior at the Denver School of Science and Technology. 

His senior project is coming up - and we are all invited!

He is holding an event about Afghanistan at DSST on Wednesday, May 2 from 6:00-7:30. The Cultural Journey to the East-Artifacts & Photo Exhibit event is free, open to the public, relaxing, interactive, and an opportunity for people to go at their own pace and mingle with each other. There will be tea, coffee, and special Afghan desserts provided! Modather's overall aim is to help change the perception people have held for the last ten years. 

He chose Afghanistan as his senior project for two reasons: A personal decision made him realize the importance of presenting the positive aspect of Afghanistan through life-sized photography and artifacts and to seek his own Afghan –American heritage. He wants this project to enlighten Americans about the life and culture of ordinary Afghans by reducing or removing the negative stereotypes and perceptions they have about the country. Typically, the information portrayed in the media is biased and shows images of war, insecurity, and corruption. 

I encourage you to join him at this event and help him achieve his goal of having over one hundred attendees on May 2nd at the Denver School of Science & Technology-Stapleton campus!

* photos are taken by Mountain to Mountain, a non-profit organization home here in Breckenridge, Colorado that implements relief programs in Afghanistan to help support Afghan women’s education, youth empowerment, and provide basic healthcare. These photos come from the “Streets of Afghanistan” exhibit that was launched during the Spring of 2011 and serves as the backbone of M2M to help fundraise its programs for the country.

If anyone wishes to find more information, people can go to the link:


  • Anonymous said:  

    I saw these life-size photo's last year. They are amazing!