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Deal of the Week: 5 amazing classes at Qi Lowry or Qi Edgewater for just $30

Sunday, April 29, 2012 Leave a Comment

I am a huge fan of spinning classes.

It's no secret that I love the RPM classes at Bladium, and recently discovered Qi Cycle classes too!

Qi Fitness Centers are a 5280 Top new workout. They're new in Lowry! And they're in Edgwater in the Highlands! And they want moms to check them out, so they're offering an amazing deal through Plum District: $30 for 5 classes - that's a $70 value!

And because Plum District loves moms - you can still use the promo code MOM25 to get an EXTRA 25% off! That's an insane deal!

Here's my top reasons you should check them out.

1. Cycling is one of the most efficient workouts you can do. For busy moms, that means you will burn the maximum amount of calories in a 45 minute class. We're talking 500+ calories.

2. Endorphins. Getting your heart rate up that high releases a flood of feel-good endorphins. I had never experienced "runner's high" until I tried a spin class.

3. The Ryder bikes are crazy cool. They move, lean, sway - you have to steer and balance. It takes a couple of classes to get  used to them, but they're fun. They work your core.

4. Spin PLUS yoga. Get your heart pumping, the sweat flowing, your muscles screaming - and then take it to the mat for some balance, strength and stretching. Yin/Yang.

5. Or keep it fierce with the Mountain Warrior class: spin plus a boot camp style workout that changes all the time. My first class was cycling intermixed with lunges and pushups and sit-ups. The next one was cycling followed by kettle bells. Whoah.

6. Hello, Lowry location. Less than 10 minutes away next to Wings Over the Rockies. And they offer great yoga classes, barre classes (all the rage!), kettle bell and more.

7. TIP: Sign up for the class online ahead of time - if you're not signed up, you might not get a bike!

Get this deal now! And as a BONUS: The first person to use Promo Code FMLTRKQ2 gets another $10 off!!!