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The Children's Place in Northfield Stapleton is closing!

Monday, April 2, 2012 Leave a Comment

The Children's Place in Northfield Stapleton is closing!

On April 14, they will shut their doors. No big sale, just due to "low volume and sales goals."

This seems crazy - if Stapleton doesn't fit their demographic, then who does? If my block is an accurate representation of the neighborhood, every house has 2 kids under 5!

Do you shop there? If not, why not? Let's give them some insight so the corporate office knows they are important to our community.

Every time I'm in, they have a sale going on, and good selection, and cute styles.

And since the TIF/DURA financing for new schools, parks and infrastructure is generated partially by the taxes on our shopping dollars, we want the GOOD stores to stay!

If you want them to stay, there is something you can do:

1. Like this post on Facebook to tell them to stay in Stapleton!
2. Tweet them @thechildrensplc: Stapleton wants The Children's Place to stay in Stapleton!