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To wii or not to wii?

Sunday, March 25, 2012 Leave a Comment

Five years old seems too young to be playing wii. I had my reservations when we started letting our boy play it, but he loves it.

He has discovered how to find videos on YouTube that explain how to get to the next level in Star Wars games, so he'll go from the iPad to the game, and back. I tell myself that he's learning problem solving skills, but I just think it's too advanced (and just now noticing that it's appropriate for age 10+!).

But I think the wii makes him... Mean.

Even when we limit his time on it (I picked up some kitchen timers at Ikea), he gets so grumpy at his brother, the neighbor kids, me. He even sasses his dad. When he plays with other kids, he gets mad if they don't play well enough.

Yesterday, I had enough.

I unplugged the wii.

It's gone for the week. Yes, I must be crazy - I took it away over spring break.

How do you handle your kids playing video games? Do you follow the age guidelines? What limits do you set? Do you find it changes your kids behavior?


  • Jamie L. said:  

    If my son had his way he would play it ALL day everyday!

    I finally had to limit his play. I like that he chooses to play games that have him dancing and jumping around but I also want him to do other things that encourage using his imagination, reading, and fresh air.