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Getting kids involved in charity

Sunday, March 11, 2012 Leave a Comment

I hear a lot of moms wondering: how can I get my kids involved in charity?

We are lucky to live in a community with an abundance of resources. We are lucky to have parks, a library and rec center, pools and good schools with lots of parent involvement. It's easy for moms to find second hand clothes, strollers, furniture and just about anything your growing kids might need for cheap, or even free. 

So it's no wonder many parents want to get their kids involved in helping those less fortunate. Without belaboring the point, it's good for kids to see outside their zone of comfort.

This year, the Colfax Marathon has a great 5K race that is family friendly, and full of Charity Partners looking for some help.

Let me introduce you to two of them:

The Colfax Community Network. We’ve all seen the countless dilapidated motels on east Colfax. Did you know they  are home to hundreds of young children and their families who live there week to week? The Colfax Community Network advocates for and works on behalf of those children and their families by providing information, services and programs to strengthen and improve family and community life. They run an after school program to give these kids a place to study, as well as a food bank for the families. In 2012, they’ve joined as a charity partner and plan to raise money by having the kids they service run the Bellco 5K. 

How you can help: 

Denver Children's Advocacy Center. Denver Children's Advocacy Center (DCAC), serves children who have been sexually abused, neglected, or traumatized by witnessing violence. During the month of April (Child Abuse Awareness Month), DCAC is recruiting kids to take part in Step Up For Kids, a month-long walkathon, culminating in the Colfax Bellco 5K on May 19, 2012:
  • Participants will receive a pedometer, a journal to record their daily steps, and a pledge for to help them raise money.
  • Participants who raise $50 or more will receive a Step Up For Kids t-shirt.
  • Prizes for the most miles walked and most sponsorships collected will be awarded on May 19 at the Colfax Marathon 5k Race and family day in Denver City Park.
Participation is open to all children ages 1-17.  Special participation of DCAC partner schools is being arranged with no fundraising requirement. Find out more here.