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Deal of the Week: Time to get those air ducts cleaned out!

Thursday, February 16, 2012 Leave a Comment

We see them all the time too—discount value coupons and online offers from air duct cleaners promising amazingly low rates ($59!) for “whole house” cleaning.  
Then more often than not, when the crew shows up, they wave a vacuum hose in the duct or won’t even touch the job for that price unless you agree to a lot of add-ons.  Watch out for this classic bait and switch!  
The U.S. EPA suggests that $450 to $1,000 is a reasonable fee for professional and effective air duct cleaning for a full house.  You get what you pay for.
Jake’s uses powerful but gentle equipment to completely clean your system without using abrasive brushes that can cause damage.  What sets us apart from most is our video inspection before and after the cleaning.  You have a right to see for yourself that the job was done right.  
Ask the $59 guys if they do that!
Jake’s is family owned and operated.  
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