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Time to apply for kindergarten

Monday, January 9, 2012 Leave a Comment

Walking to the first day of kindergarten
The time is coming to get your applications for kindergarten in! January 31 for DPS.

You can't imagine how stress inducing the school choice process is until you go through it. Where should I send my child? What's his/her learning style? Will they fit in? Will they make friends? What if I make the wrong choice?

After 2 years of being last on the wait list everywhere, when it came to kindergarten, my one resolution was this: I will not set my heart on any one school. I will be happy no matter where he gets in. He will be just fine. 

So when he got into our first choice school, why wasn't I happy? Was it because all his friends were going to different schools? Was it because I would never be able to walk him to school because it's so far away?

I don't know. But the feeling nagged at me all the way until the first day of school, and even after. It's so much easier when you have just one choice - the school just down the street!

Now, of course, we love our school. Just like I thought: He will be just fine.

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And let us know how your choice process is going. Have you done your homework?