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Things I've learned while resuming pre-kid activities

Sunday, January 29, 2012 Leave a Comment

In my quest to return to some of the activities I enjoyed in my pre- kids life, I've learned a few things.

1. Fashions have changed in the past 6 years. Ok, truth be told, my ski jacket is about a decade old by now, as you can see. My Jamba Juice bike shirt looks like it could fit a 12 year old, and the bike shorts? Well, let's just hope the material wasn't worn so thin back in the day.

2. Technology has leaped and bounded so much that our equipment should be hung on lodge walls or made into fences. We might as well strap 2x4's to our feet than head for the slopes with our skis. And my road bike looks like it belongs in the era of a Schwinn 10-speed. When I brought it into Cycleton for a tune-up, the mechanic looked at me doubtfully. "We'll try blowing out the gear shifter, then call you to see if the rest is worth it." (Or something like that.)

3. We might as well start fresh. I'm signing up for a ski lesson, a "refresher," if you will, at Keystone. I don't even know how to ski on the new skis. Weight forward or back? Hips squared? Yeah, I need a refresher.