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I need an app to manage my daily deal vouchers

Monday, January 9, 2012 Leave a Comment

This weekend, I got a message from Living Social that my massage voucher from Natural Balance Integrative Health in Stapleton was about to expire.

Whoa - when did I buy that?

It turns out, I bought it a year ago, then forgot about it. What a nice surprise!

Then I went through all my daily deal subscriptions to see what else was lurking out there, unredeemed.

I'm embarrassed to say there is a lot out there. An iPad cover from SkinIt. Mile High Organics (score!) Tickets to the Children's Museum. $100 at Travelocity to use on a hotel. Cupcakes at Lovely Confections. A mani/pedi at Blossom Nail Salon. A visit to The Wax House. Lunch at Blue Fin Sushi.

So I bought the SkinIt iPad cover - and have a 15% off coupon to share, got my mani/pedi (aaahhhh), and spent an hour on Travelocity's website before calling it a day.

There's gotta be an app for that! Managing your daily deal subscriptions and vouchers, making sure they don't expire...

How do you manage your daily deals?