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Design Trend 2012: Reclaim It!

Friday, January 13, 2012 Leave a Comment

Being a big supporter of protecting the environment and Interior Designer I love the new trend of using reclaimed items.  This trend has been more and more prevalent and it is making a big statement in interiors in 2012.

This interior uses reclaimed pallets to create a cozy space to just relax and soak in the day

Wine Barrel 6-Arm Chandelier
I love this reclaimed wine barrel chandelier from Restoration Hardware.  We used it in a Stapleton Great Room we redesigned.  Cheers to that!

Hastings Reclaimed Wood Coffee Table
This reclaimed coffee table from Pottery Barn, made of old wood doors, makes a great addition to any family room.

Finartco.com in Denver is creating amazing items out of salvaged products, like this desk made from old airplane wings. 

There is not limit to what you can reclaim and use to create the room of your dreams.

Happy Designing


  • Unknown said:  

    Love the chandelier! I have this cool rock garden that my great grandma made - this makes me wonder how I can reclaim it...

  • Dan O said:  

    Love that! I am going to have to share this post! Here's one that my wife did that I thought was pretty cool: http://stapletonconnect.com/group/diy/forum/topics/fun-headboard-with-recovered-ceiling-tiles-what-creative-projects (Headboard out of old hotel metal ceiling tiles).

  • Kama said:  

    Dan O - Love It there is so much you can do with items from old buildings.


  • Anonymous said:  

    DO NOT BUY THE HASTINGS COFFEE TABLE FROM POTTERY BARN!!!!!! The reclaimed wood top cracks down the middle when you brought home. Made in china of course. Pure garbage. IT you own a Hastings coffee table don't bother requesting a replacement because you will wait weeks and the replacement will crack as well.