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Why your kid should take karate

Tuesday, November 29, 2011 Leave a Comment

Why should your kid take karate? I visited Mike Giles Family Karate here in Stapleton to find out - and was surprised at what I found.

1. It's not just about self-defense. It's much more than a course in punching and kicking.

2. Martial arts teaches kids self-confidence, self-discipline and respect for others. 

3. Martial arts teaches kids that they must earn privileges. Want a belt? You must earn it.

4. Mike Giles is a black belt in six different martial arts. He grew up in Park Hill, and has been teaching martial arts for 25 years. He visits schools all over Denver with his message of love, respect, compassion. If your kid is at Swigert, he visited them.

5. He wants your kids to have fun.

6. He'll ask your kid to set goals at home, like doing their chores or not fighting with their brother. He'll hold them accountable.

7. It's winter. Soccer is over. My boys need stuff to do. Mike Giles starts kids as young as 3.

8. Your kids will do the cutest things, like this:

9. Moms and Dads - they offer a Cardio Kickboxing workout. Can you say abs of steel?

10. Stay tuned for a special offer!

Give yourself the gift of a confident, respectful child! 8 martial arts classes at Mike Giles Karate for just $50 - and 10% of proceeds benefit Swigert International School and Bill Roberts in Stapleton!


  • Anonymous said:  

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  • Christina said:  

    Brian science shows that movement and improved cognition can go together. When kids are able to build their decision making and planning skills in karate that can translate over to everything else. So maybe planning for that next homework project will get easier too!

  • Unknown said:  

    Christina, it's interesting to watch how they teach the 4 year olds versus the seven year olds... building those connections first!

  • Unknown said:  

    Not just for kids. Im down 20 lbs and was able to drop one of my blood pressure meds. It has helped my focus at work too. Oh and I'm 45. Get in there with your kids, it says "family" on the door after all.