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The happiest place on earth.

Thursday, November 10, 2011 Leave a Comment

A confession: I have been working on a Mac PowerBook that was a wedding gift from my husband in 2004.

Yes, that baby is 8 years old - and still going strong, except that I filled up the hard drive completely with photos, videos and music. Oh, and the operating system was no longer update-able.

And it ran pretty slow.

And the calendar stopped syncing with my iPad and iPhone, so I started missing lots of appointments. Like, I didn't know my kid had school off until another Mom on the playground told me.

I don't want to complain. But it was time to buy a new Mac.

So we had this day planned for weeks, and I woke up like it was Christmas morning, because you know, the Apple Store is like Disneyland for adults. Everyone working there is so darn happy! The people shopping are happy, despite being packed shoulder to shoulder at every available table, counter and shelf. The people at the workshops are happy, although how they can hear one word is beyond me.

So we were happy when we walked in, happy while we picked out our iMac, happy while we set things up, happy while the Apple employees passed around my 8 year old PowerBook in awe, treating it like the well preserved relic it is. And three hours later, I left the proud new owner of a screaming fast iMac. And a new iPhone 4S. I am beyond excited.

So here are my tips for making the most of your trip to the Apple Store:

1. Don't worry about price. Apple products are worth every penny you'll spend on them. They are ridiculously generous with hard drive space and memory, even in the base models. They last forever - despite constant upgrades - witness my 8 year old, still running strong PowerBook. Plus, you can finance them, and interest rates are low.

2. Apple products don't come with operating manuals because they are really that simple to use. If my 3 year old can figure out how to use the iPad and iPhone, so can you.

3. Go to the workshops. They're fun, you'll meet nice people, and you'll learn a lot.

4. Don't be afraid to ask stupid questions. The Apple employees are trained to always agree with you. "You know that app, from the commercial, and the song that goes "na-na-na-na, lama lama?" "Yes, I know exactly what you're talking about, I love that one!"

5. Ask them if Apple Care includes babysitting. Oh, go on.

6. Setting up your product is the most enjoyable part of the purchase. You don't have to think, just follow instructions from a happy kid making rounds of the set-up table. The more, the merrier!

7. Let your kids play with it. My 5 year old found the coolest space app called Solar Walk and we goofed around for an hour with that.

8. Pssst... you know how you're always wondering what to get your husband for Christmas? The iPad is always the right gift. You just can't go wrong.